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How To Create A Sacred Space

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy the blissful atmosphere found at a yoga studio. Instead, follow our guide to creating your own zen den

UPDATED 27 May 2020
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Turn down the noise, get away from the kids and leave the washing to wait for an hour – it’s time to head to your sacred space. And for those who neither have or know what that is, read on! Here’s how to create a yoga or meditation sanctuary in your home – a place to escape to when life gets a little hectic.

Finding the perfect space
You want to look for a place that’s quiet and removed from high-traffic areas of your home such as the kitchen. Make sure to set rules around the space, such as when the door is closed, other houseguests are not to enter without knocking. Don’t be afraid of a space being too small, either – if it can fit a yoga mat, it will serve your practice.

Set up the foundation
Finding the perfect yoga mat is not an easy task, but knowing you won’t have to lug it to and from the studio makes deciding a bit easier. Opt for a well-cushioned, super supportive mat like Manduka’s Black Mat PRO,

Add the extras
“Props can make or break a practice,” says Craig Stiff, head of hardgoods at Manduka. “Having a variety of props on hand will give you options and allow your practice to flow in whichever way suits you on that particular day.” Craig recommends bolsters, meditation cushions, straps and blocks. “Cork blocks can be standard or lean sized; straps can come in a variety of lengths, and bolsters and cushions can come in a variety of colours or graphic prints,” he adds. “When it comes to a home practice space, fashion is often just as important as function.”

Keep it cosy
Don’t underestimate the power and the versatility of blankets. “Not only are they great to cover yourself during savasana, or to keep you warm while meditating, they can also fill in as a bolster to help you deepen your stretches or make restorative poses more of a challenge,” says Craig. Depending on the atmosphere of your space, opt for cosy wool or clean cotton to make the set-up cohesive and complementary.

Make it beautiful
Create a space you don’t ever want to leave. Light candles, use some essential oils on your pulse points, and play some music that feels relaxing and appropriate to your mood. With the right accessories and home-focused products, you can set the tone for your practice each time you step into this special space.

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