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Knitted Storage File

UPDATED 16 Jun 2020
Knitted Storage File image

Worked up in a robust cotton yarn, this filing system will transform your storage options. Designer Debbie Bliss loves the colourful organisation that this storage file brings to her work shelves at home, but you don’t just need to keep your office documents in it, you could also store your knitting patterns in it too. Here, a lively aqua yarn is used, accented with a pretty lining, ensuring that sorting and storing becomes anything but a chore.

Here's what you'll need:
  • 3 x 50g balls of Debbie Bliss Cotton DK in aqua
  • Pair of 4mm knitting needles
  • Cardboard approximately 22cm wide x 25cm high
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20 1⁄2 sts and 28 rows to 10cm over patt using 4mm needles.

beg: begin(ning)
cont: continue
k: knit
st(s) stitch(es)
patt: pattern
p2tog: purl two together
rem: remain(ing)

With 4mm needles, cast on 45 sts and k1 row.
Now work in patt as follows:
Row 1: (right side) K1, [p1, k1] to end.
Row 2: P1, [k1, p1] to end.
Row 3: P1, [k1, p1] to end.
Row 4: K1, [p1, k1] to end.
These 4 rows form the Irish moss st part and are repeated.
Cont in patt until piece measures 10cm from cast-on edge, ending with a right-side row.
Foldline row K to end.
Beg with a 1st row, work 10cm in part, ending with a right-side row.
Foldline row: (wrong side) Cast on 22 sts, k to end. 67 sts.
Next row: Cast on 22 sts, k1, [p1, k1] to end. 89 sts.
Beg with a 2nd row, work in patt for 10cm, ending with a 4th row.
Next row: P2tog, patt to last 2 sts, p2tog.
Next row: Patt to end.
Rep the last 2 rows until 45 sts rem, ending with a right-side row.
Cast off knitwise.

With 4mm needles, cast on 43 sts.
Beg with a 1st row, work in patt until piece measures approximately 13cm, ending with a right side row.
Cast off knitwise.

Following the template, join edges B to B and D to D first, then join A to A and C to C.

1. Using the template, trim the cardboard to shape; try to cut it out in one piece, but if that is not possible, cut the upper part (back and sides) in one piece, then cut out the lower part (base and front). Score the shape along the dotted lines and fold to form the file. Use parcel tape to fix the base and front to the back and sides.
2. To form the divider, cut a piece of cardboard slightly smaller than the width of the inside of the file and to fit the length of the knitted divider piece. Using the template, cut the fabric to shape, adding 1.5cm around all the edges. Clip into the corner where side B meets base B and side D meets base D. Join edges B to B and D to D first, then join A to A and C to C.
3. Press all seams, then insert lining into the constructed cardboard, folding the excess fabric over onto the outside of the box. Put the lined cardboard shape into the knitted piece and slip stitch the lining to the knitting around the edges. Cover the divider in the same way and place into the box, catch stitch the top corners to the sides of the box.

This project was kindly supplied by our sister brand Homemaker. For even more craft projects and advice, visit

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